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Jen Jester, Informed Beginnings Certified Educator (IBCE),  is currently offering a Child Birth Education course featuring Plum Tree Baby Curriculum  at Crossroads Family Chiropractic  in Creve Coeur, MO. Crossroads Family Chiropractic is located at 12324 Olive Blvd. Creve Coeur, 63141. Please bring a few pillows, a blanket, an open mind, and wear comfortable clothes. I will provide a healthy snack and you will receive class materials.  Payment is due at the first class, or you can arrange a payment schedule with me.

Class Topics:
1. Introduction and Prenatal Wellness:
2. Prenatal Wellness and Comfort:
3. Making Choices:
Provider, Birth Place and Prenatal Tests
4. Stages of Normal Labor:
Types of Labor
5. Stages of Normal Labor:
Second Stage and Birth Planning
6. Common Interventions:
Informed Decision Making
7. Variation From Normal Labor:
Navigating Complications and Cesarean Section
8. Intro to the Post Partum Period:
Changes and Challenges
9. Postpartum Period and Your Newborn:
Newborn Procedures and Issues
10. Breastfeeding and Labor Rehearsal:
Nursing Basics, Challenges and Preparing for Birth

"She is very supportive of every woman's right to her personal choices as an expectant mother. I was relieved that classes never felt "preachy," and steered clear of any personal bias or agenda. Having experienced childbirth now, I realize that there is no "right" or "wrong" way, but there is most certainly an educated and empowered way! Jen gave us the tools we needed to have OUR "perfect" birth story. I'm looking forward to future pregnancies when we can and will take classes with her again. Thank you, Jen!"

~ Heather G

Class Schedule 2014 - 2015

All classes are 10 weeks
Class begins at 7 pm
Private classes are available upon request
(additional fees apply to private courses)

Monday, September 22

Monday, January 5

Monday, March 23

Monday, July 6


12324 Olive Blvd.
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

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