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Jen Jester, IBCE, DONA Int'l trained doula

I am the mother of two beautiful children. We'll call them L and B. In 2000, I gave birth to L at home. It was a beautiful 14 hour labor. Delivery was harder on me because I was instructed to push before I felt the urge. Oh, the tearing! B came in 2002. Another home birth, but this time in water. The labor was my hardest. I fought myself mentally and prolonged my labor on and on for 15 hours. When I finally "gave in", I felt the urge to push, and gave birth within minutes to my beautiful baby. My darling husband was wonderful, educated, and prepared for both births. Flash forward several years... I received my doula training in November 2004 at Barnes-Jewish Hospital through DONA, Int'l. After attending a few births for friends and family, I decided to take a break and homeschool my kiddos. My passion to serve others returned. I attended births here and there for a few years. I decided to become a Bradley Method® Instructor in 2009. My work as a doula in St. Louis took off then, as well. In February 2011 I certified as a Brio Birth instructor.  I was certified as an Informed Beginnings Childbirth Educator in August 2012. I fill most of my days studying to become a midwife through Midwives College of Utah, researching new information regarding parenting, labor, birth and breastfeeding, and working as a doula, part time. In my spare time, I knit, sing, hike, and take an occasional yoga course. My husband and I practice clean eating and concious parenting. Each day is an adventure. My life is wonderful, challenging and rewarding. I look forward to every encounter with the folks in my classes and with my clients.

Jen Jester

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"I was lucky enough to find Jen when my husband and I started looking for a doula and birthing coach. We found Jen and knew instantly that God has placed her in our lives for the job. She was not only a key member of my birth team, but she has become a very cherished friend. I had an eventful birth full of hard decisions, chaos, and plan B's. There were many things out of our control that threw our 'natural' birth plan off course. We had to make some tough decision that we were not prepared to make, but through it all, there was Jen. She was steady, calm, and knowledgable. While not forcing any decision on us, she quietly reminded us of our goals and our options. She helped us stay focused and marching toward our goal. Looking back now, 7 months later, I am in awe of Jen. She somehow stayed out of the way and yet was very present when she was needed. There is nothing more reassuring to a mother giving birth than to know that she has a top notch birth team. When the time comes again, there's no doubt who I will be calling for my doula."

~ Erin P.





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