Jen Jester




"Her main focus was "Our Birth" not just a natural birth, which was important to us. As far as being our doula I don't think I could've achieved the natural birth we did without Jen by my side. She was great! She stood by my husband, helped and supported me but mostly was a trustworthy and loving friend to us! "

~ Megan Q.

What's the difference between a doula and a midwife, anyway?
A doula is a trained birth professional that provides mental, physical, emotional, and sometimes, spiritual support for the laboring woman and her partner during labor and birth. A doula is an advocate for the mother and partner in the birth room. Your doula knows you intimately and provides comfortmeasures, relaxation techniques, education and much more. Some doulas have additional training (such as counselor, nurse, chiropractor, etc.) that they offer their clients as well.

A midwife is a care provider for the mother during pregnancy, birth and the immediate postpartum time. The midwife provides prenatal care for mom/baby, similar to an obstetrician, including clinical checkups, exams, medical advice, and is an expert in normal, physiologic birth. Midwives offer individualized care and are available to you here in the state of Missouri.

What if You can't make it to our birth?

Back up services are provided by:

Alicia Brooks, DC
DONA Trained Doula

Julia Cooper


My Doula Support Philosophy:
A mother and her partner, during the preparation for and process of birth deserve emotional, spiritual, and physical support, choice and respect.

My Goal as Your Doula:
To customize my care to suit the mother and her partner’s needs;
To provide emotional, spiritual, and physical support to the mother and her partner before, during and after the birth;
To help create a compassionate and caring atmosphere in the birthplace;
To aid the mother and her partner in achieving the criteria as stated in the birth plan, barring unforeseen circumstances;
To aid the parent(s) during difficult situations/decisions;
To advocate on the parents’ behalf;
To aid the mother and partner in gathering the necessary information needed to make decisions regarding labor, birth and the care of their baby.
Services Provided:
* 2 prenatal visits, attendance for duration of labor and birth, 2 postnatal visits
*24hr. availability by cell
*Information and understanding about labor, birth, nursing, interventions
*Compassionate and focused care to the mother and partner during labor and birth
*Help creating a customized birth plan
*Access to my lending library
*Emotional and physical support during labor and birth at the home and/or birth place, including:
-knowledge of the physiology and process of labor
and birth
-various labor and birth positions
-basic massage
-pressure points
-patience and understanding
-guided imagery and visualization
*Aiding the mother and her partner in communicating with each other and clinical staff
*Various “tools of the trade” to aid with the pain and discomfort of contractions (birth ball, moist heat packs, aromatherapy, etc.)

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